FILM: They Look Like People dir. Perry Blackshear (2015)

"MacLeod Andrews is brilliant as the psychotic Wyatt...he walks the line finely between creepy and unlikable. No matter what Wyatt is doing, we always feel for him as audience members. We understand his pain and want to help but nobody is really sure how to do it."
The Movie Guru
"Andrews does a fine job portraying a man trying desperately to appear normal to those around him, even as he's slipping further into his own fears and erratic behavior"
LA Times

THEATER: Slipping by Daniel Talbott 
Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, RisingPhoenixRep, Weathervane Productions

2013 LOS ANGELES production:

"Numrich (Golden Boy, War Horse, The Merchant of Venice on Broadway) and Andrews reprise their New York roles with the easy grace of genuine star actors"
The Hollywood Reporter

"MacLeod Andrews is utterly charming...Andrews is a shining, uplifting catalyst that poignantly walks a subtle line between optimism and naivete"

"...MacLeod Andrews is deeply affecting..."
Los Angeles Times

NEW YORK CITY production:

"...almost impossibly affable..."
NY Times

"The four-person cast is ideal...MacLeod Andrews makes the Iowa athlete's journey of self-discovery authentic and surprising."

"Andrews gives a very satisfying turn, easily navigating the intricate twists of Jake’s coming-out while also making a credible romantic leading man. Jake and Eli’s relationship plucks heartstrings. Jake’s early, awkward encounters with Eli are a particular treat."
TimeOut New York


FILM: Found In Time dir. Arthur Vincie

"MacLeod Andrews is rather exceptional as Chris, offering a unique spin on the perpetually uneasy protagonist with an infectious natural enthusiasm for the character and his world."


Hang Up by Anthony Minghella at Atlantic Stage 2. (PTP 2007)

MacLeod Andrews, as He, is fabulous…As She…
slowly breaks his heart, Andrews' body language alone
contains the constant inarticulate debate of
mistrust, hope, longing and frustration…”
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“…dialogue that MacLeod Andrews (He) peppers with flavor.
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“…Performed at just the right pitch…”
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“…touching depictions of love stretched thin…As the more
lighthearted half of the couple, Andrews wears a relaxed expression
and delivers lines like "I miss you and I love you and where are you?"
like they're breaths of fresh air.”
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Somewhere in the Pacific by Neal Bell at Atlantic Stage 2. (PTP 2oo8)

"...MacLeod Andrews delivers a touching performance..."
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"the most universal truth about war...Bell and his
excellent cast depict with admirably unforced sensitivity."
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One Flea Spare
by Naomi Wallace

"As Bunce, Andrews delivered a fascinating and driven performance. Andrews' understated choices created a Bunce that is capable of reading the desires of those around him..."
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